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Create Your Own Brilliant Website


✔️ Simple step-by-step guidance

✔️ Submit your 'homework' for review at the end of each module

✔️ One-to-one feedback sessions

✔️ Branding & copywriting guidance and support

✔️ Clarity on your purpose, who you serve, what makes you different

✔️ Craft your messaging around the problem you solve

✔️ Get confident using Wix so you can update your website yourself... forever!

A mix of do-it-yourself and done-for-you
I give you personalised feedback & support
I do 1-hour of website design work for you at the end (a 'magic wand' session where I go over your website and tweak any of the design elements that need tidying up)

So you will have a website that works, that looks beautiful & professional, and does exactly what you want it to do.

For a website that looks brilliant, that you're really proud of, that does exactly what you need it to do, at an affordable price point.


"I just wanted to say, I am absolutely loving this course so far. It's the right mix of guidance + freedom and is ensuring I've got all the building blocks in place and am doing everything in the right order. So essentially. it's keeping me focussed and helping me make decisions, which is precisely what I needed!"


Building your dream website has never been easier:

Start from scratch or update your existing website

Get step-by-step guidance, feedback & support

Publish a beautiful website you're proud of!

"This is all amazing Caitlin, thank you so much.  I am really over the moon.  It has definitely taken my business to the next level. I love that you have taught me how to do all these things rather than me paying someone to do them.  So I can make changes anytime!"


Hello, I'm Caitlin

Over the last few years I've worked with dozens of coaches, freelancers, teachers and other service-based businesses creating professional websites that attract clients and turn them into paying customers, and I’m inviting you to experience the transformative results too!


Website In A Box templates are strategically designed to help you grow your business in your particular niche, with all the bells and whistles in place to get the most out of your Wix website so that you can continue to build a life and business you love.

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"Caitlin made designing a website so easy - I wish I had found her a year earlier! She adds so much value and explains things with quick 'how to' videos. I can not recommend highly enough. 10/10"


Create Your Own Brilliant Website is perfect for you if:

  • You are ambitious and purpose-driven, and have a clear vision for your business, but a bit of tech-overwhelm is standing between you and your dreams. You just need some step-by-step guidance to show you what to do and you'll be on your way!
  • You value freedom and flexibility, so having a website you can update yourself independently gives you the ability to make changes as your business evolves
  •  You want to establish financial security for you and your family, but you don't know how to turn site visitors into paying customers. You need a fool-proof framework that will attract the right clients who value and appreciate you so you can charge your worth
  • You know you provide true value to your ideal clients, but you don't know how to get your message across on your website. You need branding and copywriting guidance to help you connect with your ideal client
  • You want to establish yourself as the go-to expert so getting clear about what makes you unique, how to stand apart, who you serve and what you offer is of utmost importance so that you can articulate yourself to potential clients

  • But most of all, you’re ready to take action so imposter syndrome, decision fatigue and fear of failure are no longer holding you back from reaching your full potential so that you can finally build a website you're proud of!

In short, Create Your Own Brilliant Website is for you if you're a small business owner who wants a professional website that you can update yourself...

Imagine if:

✔️ You can't get it wrong
✔️ You won't waste time

✔️ You have an expert eye giving your feedback and support
✔️ You get a website you love, you can use yourself, and that converts
✔️ You won't need to pay a designer to help you maintain it going forward

✔️ You've up-skilled in a new area of your business!

"Since my new website has been up and running my business has expanded and I have received more business. I now have a site I love and even better that I have the confidence to amend and continue to add content to myself!"


So, are you ready? I'd love to help you.

Take the first step and apply today (your future self will thank you!)