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Ideal Client Workbook

Create Your Own Ideal Client Avatar

The single most important thing you can do for your business it to get CRYSTAL CLEAR about who you're talking to. Download this guide to begin.

"I thought I knew who my ideal client was, but I didn't realise I could be so much more specific. Now that I've niched down, I'm attracting more perfect customers and my business is so much more enjoyable to run"


Debbie, Consultant

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Hi, I'm Caitlin!

I love working with women-led businesses who are struggling with their Wix website and want to build a successful business they're proud of...


You'll find plenty of brilliant free content on my website (such as this free Website Guide) to help you improve your website, marketing and brand strategy.


And if you need further help, we can work together in a few different ways depending on your individual needs/ skillset/ budget.