12 reasons clients aren't buying

Are you making these 12 mistakes on your website that are pushing clients away?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners don't understand the importance of building trust on their website.

If people don't trust you, they aren't going to buy. We do business with people and brands that we know, like and trust. And we trust people who share similar beliefs and values to our own.

So when someone recommends you to a friend or peer, they already have a good feeling about you. Chances are they are going to visit your website to see if you're the right business to help them with their specific need.

Your website needs to back it up.

Your website should position you as the guide who is going to show your customer how you'll solve their particular problem.

Demonstrating that you know what you're talking about, that your empathetic and have helped other people solve this particular problem is whats going to help them feel like they're in good hands.

Here are 12 reasons people don't trust your brand:

  1. Your website looks unprofessional

  2. Your website isn't secure (the top left hand corner of your browser says "Not Secure" because you don't have an SSL certificate)

  3. The navigation bar isn't clear and easy to use, so they can't find what they need at a glance

  4. Your headline doesn't say what you do and who it's for

  5. You have too much text on your website

  6. You don't have contact info on your homepage

  7. Your website is full of stock photos and there are no photos of the people behind the brand (you!)

  8. There are spelling mistakes and broken links on your website

  9. You have 3rd party advertising on your website

  10. Your website page URLs are complicated and difficult to remember

  11. The date in your footer is outdated (update your website to say (c) 2020 please!!)

  12. Your website isn't optimised for mobile

Go through this list and make sure to fix each of these issues so that when people come to your website they feel you're trustworthy and stick around to see how you can help them.

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