2 smart ways to save time & make money from your website

If you run a service-based business and have built your website on Wix (or are thinking about it), here are a couple of really practical things you can do right now to help you automate your business, save time & increase your income!

1. Add Wix Bookings To Your Website

Find yourself wasting hours of valuable time manually organising your bookings, dealing with email requests, sending invoices and collecting payment? You can set up your website to work for you when you're not around, saving you days (quite literally) of boring admin work. Simply add Wix Bookings to your website, and you can automate the following:

  • Your clients can book 1-on-1 appointments, discovery calls, group sessions, classes, workshops and more

  • Set custom work hours and sync with your Google calendar

  • Accept online payments using PayPal, Stripe etc.

  • Sync with your Zoom account and the link will be automatically emailed to your clients in the confirmation email

"I was at a point where I was becoming overwhelmed. I needed to decide whether to go big or let the business go...

Coffee Time Languages was growing and I couldn’t keep up with the bookings.

I decided to call Caitlin after she came highly recommend and it’s the best thing I have done! I feel like a more professional business now and the booking system saves me days of invoicing."


2. Sell Pre-Recorded Videos on your Website

Have you always dreamed about having scalable income, running an online course, or selling digital products? Wix Video allows you to turn your video content into an online offer that people need to pay to access. Think about what your ideal client is struggling with right now, as it relates to your services. Do you have any valuable content that you can repurpose and sell as a  pre-recorded masterclass or course? Uploaded videos can be paid for, free or a mixture of both. Here's an outline of Wix Video:

  • Upload your own content or add video links from YouTube, Vimeo etc

  • Organise your videos into channels

  • Whole channels can be visible to subscribers only

  • Clients can view or download videos (you control the permissions)

  • You decide how much you want to sell your video for, or whether it's free, and clients pay on the spot to access it

  • Syncs with PayPal, Stripe or Wix Payments

Personally I'm so excited about the video option and have started creating content that will help you make good progress with your website.

But I need your input! If I were to create some valuable free content, what would you like to see?

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