5 Top Wix Apps To Help You Save Time And Make Money With Your Website

"Wow! I didn't realise you could do that with Wix."

I hear this all the time working 1-to-1 with website clients.

But it's no secret!

These nifty Wix Apps are ready for you to add to your website right away... and they'll help you halve the time you spend on biz amin, streamline your processes plus you'll feel more professional in no time at all.

So if you're a coach, consultant, teacher or service provider and you need your website to work for you when you're not around, I’ve got the perfect guide for you!

Today, I am going to share with you the 5 Top Wix Apps To Help You Save Time And Make Money With Your Website and show you how they can make money for you.

Let’s get started.

NOTE: You need a Wix premium plan that accepts online payments in order to use these apps. Once upgraded, you don't need to pay a commission to Wix for any transactions. The only fee you pay is your usual payment processing fee to your payment provider (i.e: PayPal or Stripe).

1. Wix Bookings

Scheduling platform, calendar & online booking

Wix Bookings is perfect for coaches, consultants, teachers, course providers and service-based businesses who need an all-in-one scheduling platform, calendar and online booking system to make your life easier and save you so much time!

You can offer free discovery calls, 1-to-1 appointments, group sessions, classes, workshops or courses through Wix Bookings and make your life so much easier! Clients can easily book and pay online for your services, courses, memberships and packages.

"I feel like a more professional business now and the booking system saves me days of invoicing." Chloe, Coffee Time Languages

Your clients can:

  • Schedule a free discovery call

  • Book private sessions, 1-to-1 appointments, group sessions, classes, workshops and courses

  • Get a free trial

  • Sign up to your Membership

  • Book a Package (e.g: a 6-week pilates course) with reduced rates

  • Use discount codes (called 'coupons' on Wix)

  • Book and pay on-the-go with the Wix mobile app

Plus you can:

  • Accept secure online payments using PayPal or Stripe (and offline payments too!)

  • Integrate Wix Bookings with Zoom - your clients will be sent an auto-generated Zoom link in their confirmation email

  • Sync staff Google calendars

  • Add custom working hours

  • Add booking policies

  • Manage your schedule from the Wix dashboard

  • Send SMS and email reminders

  • Manage clients (payment status, booking history etc)

Wix Bookings is 100% commission free. You only pay the usual payment processing fee from your service provider (PayPal, Stripe etc)

2. Wix Stores

Sell physical or digital products online

Wix Stores gives you all the tools you need for a professional online shop, whether you're selling physical products or digital ones.

Your online shop looks professional, is easy to use (for you and for your customers) and the user experience is smooth and effortless. What's especially good is that even service-based businesses can sell products online!

Think about all the digital products you could potentially sell: ebooks, worksheets, planners, Trello boards, Canva templates... you name it: the world is your oyster!

You can:

  • Create a professional storefront

  • Sell physical products (homeware, clothing, jewellery, books etc)

  • Sell digital products (images, documents, audio files, .zip folders)

  • Create custom product pages

  • Accept secure online payments (PayPal, Stripe etc) as well as subscriptions

  • Manage your orders, inventory, shipping, fulfilment and finances

  • Send automated emails

  • Recover abandoned shopping cards

  • Offer discount codes

  • Sell across multiple channels, like Facebook, Instagram and more

Wix Stores is 100% commission free. You only pay the usual payment processing fee from your service provider (PayPal, Stripe etc).

3. Wix Video

Sell, rent & offer subscriptions

Now you can sell, rent or offer subscriptions for any videos that you upload to your site using Wix Video. You can also stream videos from YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

This is a great way to share training videos, workshops and masterclasses... or however you'd like to describe your videos. Simply organise your videos into channels and site visitors can sign up - and pay - to watch.

With Wix Video you can:

  • Upload your own videos

  • Schedule live streaming events

  • Stream videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo

  • Customise your own video player

  • Organise your videos into categories/channels

  • Add a YouTube feed

  • Add a YouTube playlist

  • Ask visitors to sign up to watch free videos

  • Add 'action cards' to videos (e.g: get more followers, promote another video, feature a channel, promote a product or design your own custom card)

  • Upload your videos to Social Media

  • Create channel subscriptions

Wix Video is 100% commission free. You only pay the usual payment processing fee from your service provider (PayPal, Stripe etc).

NOTE: You can upload 30 minutes of video content for free and unlimited video content from other social platforms. If you need more native video on your website, you can upgrade to receive more hours.

4. Wix Events

Event management platform for tickets & RSVPs

Hosting a meet-up, conference, event or workshop? You can sell tickets, collect RSVPs and manage the guest list all in one place.

  • Sell tickets to your event and receive payment directly through your site (using PayPal or Stripe integration)

  • Collect RSVPs

  • Create as many events as you need, and choose which ones to display on your website

  • Events can be physical or online, free or paid-for

  • Online events can be created using the Zoom integration or other

  • Request that guests fill in a registration form (optional)

  • Customise the automated emails sent out to guests

  • Guests receive a printable ticket (PDF)

  • You can have discount codes as well as a waitlist

  • Check in guests manually or scan their tickets using the Wix App

  • Export tickets and guest lists

NOTE: Online ticket sales through Wix Events have a 2.5% service fee & payment processing fee (rates vary by payment provider).

5. Wix Groups

Grow communities around shared interests

Wix Groups is a new app from Wix, and is great for building a community alongside your membership business model.

Instead of communicating with your members using Facebook and WhatsApp, you drive people to your website (good for SEO!) and encourage them to engage in the group either on desktop or they can login from their phones via the Wix App.

You can:

  • Create multiple groups for your different classes or customer segments

  • Choose whether groups should be public, private or secret

  • Moderate and control your groups' content

  • Allow your clients to interact with one another

  • Customise the look and feel of your group page both on desktop and on the mobile app

  • Manage roles to give members admin access

NOTE: You don't need to be on a premium plan that accepts online payments in order to make use of Wix Groups. But if you want to charge for group membership then you do.

Now you have the inside scoop on the 5 Top Wix Apps To Help You Save Time And Make Money With Your Website

So if you want to streamline your processes, create a smooth customer journey and feel organised & in control as your business grows, use these apps to help you accelerate your business growth.

There are really so many possibilities when it comes to monetising your business if you're a service provider - you just need to think outside the box.

Bonus Step!

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