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Tell us what you do, who its for and what makes you different

I am a Mindset and Leadership Coach for ambitious and high achieving individuals in creative industries. My Coaching is for anyone who feels stuck, lost and longing to reconnect with their spirit.

Why did you decide to invest in a website?

I decided to invest in a website as soon as I started my own business.

What happened next and how did I help?What was it like working with me? Share a bit about the process e.g: what you found most useful and how you felt during the process

I found Caitlin through recommendations online. The fact she was a local, hardworking mum (like me) reassured me that we held similar values and when I looked through her portfolio and knew she was "the one." 

Each website was unique, had so much personality and was really evocative. 

Working with Caitlin, was a breeze. It was also empowering and educational. I had a major fear of tech, having never done anything like this before. She held my hand and took charge when needed and was available for any of my questions (meltdowns) during the whole process.

How do you feel now that your website is launched?

Now that my website is launched I know I can just let it do it's thing. I know I get leads and I have had loads of compliments on how emotive the site is. Caitlin also helped with the wording and how to reach and connect with my ideal clients.

How do you feel when sharing your website link? What is the response you're getting from your newly launched website?

I feel super proud and confident when I share the link to my site. I always receive great feedback and attract leads. Clients comment that the words and imagery reflect exactly what they were looking for, Caitlin helped me with all of this.

As a Coach I'm a firm believer in finding the right support. We are not meant to do things alone. Building a website requires knowledge, courage, skill and hard work - save yourself the blood, sweat and tears and hire her! 

The investment in her services pays back in so many ways.

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Clare Marriott is a Leadership and Mindset Coach for ambitious and high achieving individuals in creative industries.

You can visit her website here: www.sevencoaching.co.uk

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