How to build trust online: 12 easy tips to create a trustworthy website

What's the point of your website?

No, really. What is the reason you have a website? Do you want to grow your email list? Get people to book an appointment? Establish yourself as the go-to expert in your particular niche?

You should be able to narrow it down to one specific action that you want ALL your site visitors to take. This means you should consider those who aren't ready to buy yet too. What is the one action you want all your site visitors to take? This would be your primary Call To Action, which is usually a button.

But how do you get people to click?! Well that's the million dollar question that I'm going to attempt to answer in this post.

The long and short of it is that YOU NEED TO BUILD TRUST.

Here are 12 tips on how to build trust on your home page:

  1. Have a professional-looking website

  2. Make sure your website is SSL secured (the top left hand corner of your desktop browser will tell you if the connection is secure or not)

  3. The navigation bar must be easy to read

  4. Don't have too much text on your site. This shows your clients you respect their time and you're getting straight to the point!

  5. Demonstrate that your business is legit by including your contact info, physical address and phone number

  6. Show the real people behind your brand

  7. Check your spelling and grammar. Misspelt words can look unprofesh! (note: I still believe you should write how you speak, and space out text in easy to read chunks. More on that in a different blog post)

  8. Check links work between pages and sections on your own site, and to other sites

  9. Minimise 3rd party advertising on your site

  10. Check the URLs are simple and practical that your ideal client could almost guess them (e.g:

  11. Check the dates on your website. I've taken the dates off my blog because they're irrelevant. It makes my blogs "evergreen". Also check the date at the bottom of your site in the footer (e.g: Proudly created by Blubird Web Design 2017 looks like you've neglected your site, the content is old etc).

  12. Optimise your website for mobile, most people browse from their phones these days

How is your website shaping up? Did you find any of these tips useful, or do you have any other suggestions I can add to the list to help our fellow business owners? Would love to hear from you.

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