How to write your About Page and not feel awkward about it!

Did you know your About Page is likely going to be the second most visited page on your website?

Eeek, and yours is sitting there hidden from view on your website, right? Fear not, this article will explain exactly what you need to say and how to say it - the easy way.

Building Trust

We human beings remember and connect through stories. And we connect best with people who share similar values and beliefs as us. This behaviour applies in business too, as part of your branding. Stories evoke emotion and build trust. Your story is what makes you unique and sets you apart.

Sharing your story is what is going to help you build trust and a create a genuine connection between you and your ideal client.

But where to begin?

It can be overwhelming starting an About Page without structure or guidelines. Where do I begin? Do I talk in first or third person? Do I say "we" even though I work alone? How can I talk about my achievements without bragging? How much of myself should I share?

By choosing the right About Page structure for your brand and following some simple copywriting tips, you'll have your About Page published in no time!

Pick your favourite About Page structure and save yourself hours of faffing!

Think about your brand personality. How would you describe your brand in three words? Now bearing these adjectives in mind, pick an About Page structure from the list below that best fits your brand persona and the impression you want to give off:

Answer the big W's:

Who, What, Where and Why. This is a really straightforward method to tackling the main questions people may have when coming to your website. You can add this info in a Q&A style format, for example: Who we are, What we do, Where we do it, Why we do it etc.

Share your WHY:

This method is a lot more deep and personal. But the chance of connecting with your ideal client on an emotional level is huge. What motivated you to start your business? Share your reasons for doing what you do, the passion and purpose behind your business. Re-connect to your WHY.

Rags to Riches:

Share your rags to riches story; how you overcame personal struggle and found success. Your ideal client will identify with this - you are leading by example and showing them that anything's possible. Be their heroine and inspire!

Background Story:

Do you have an interesting background story to share about yourself or your business? Perhaps you run a family business or inherited some amazing talents from a grandparent. Or you earned yourself some street cred whilst working in your career prior to launching your own business. Using a background story like this is a great way to talk about your experience and demonstrate how you differentiate from your competition.

Questions and Answers:

Do you have a few key details that you want to share about yourself but need a creative way to talk about them? Using a Q&A style, write a list of questions in the tone of voice that suits your brand. These can even be asked from your client's perspective, such as: What's all this stuff about Life Coaching anyway? What makes you so cool? What's in it for me? You can get creative here, so have fun!

10 Random Facts:

If you want to take the fun element even further, you can use the 10 Random Facts style to share some personal details about yourself. This format makes it easy for you to drop a few key points in without it sounding braggy.

Guidelines to help you create better content

Although your About Page is about you, it needs to remain customer-focussed. When writing your copy, bear in mind that your clients want to know what's in it for them - at all times.

No matter which structure you choose to use, make sure the following questions are answered somehow in your About Page copy:

  • Who you are, what you do and who it's for

  • What makes you different and what the benefits of working with you are

  • How and why your story relates to your ideal client

  • What you want your ideal client to do next, after reading the page. This is where you need a Call To Action! Don't leave them hanging.

Extra tips to help your About Page make a big impact:

  • Mention the benefits of working with you (instead of the features and services; this is not a sales page)

  • Show the face behind the brand. Use photos of yourself that align with your messaging and the impression your want to give off of yourself and your brand

  • You can include testimonials on this page as social proof (optional)

  • Give away something of value for free (not linked to an opt-in). This builds trust and shows that you're already invested in their success

  • Consider adding video. Video is the most connected medium and easiest way to connect other than face-to-face

Copy Writing Tips:

  • Talk in the first person, it sounds more authentic

  • Say "I" and "me" instead of "we" if you don't have a team behind you. Most of the time we can tell right away when someone is faking it which breaks trust

  • Write like you speak. Pretend you're emailing your best friend

  • Read it aloud to make sure it flows naturally

  • Use an impactful headline (this headline analyser is fab!)

  • Replace rational words with emotional words

  • Write in small chunks of text, short paragraphs, lots of breathing room

  • Don't waffle. Be clear and get to the point as quickly as possible

  • Don't use fluffy fancy words

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