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Most business owners Here's how to build trust and connection and turn your site visitors into loyal customers.


Above-the-fold is the area of your website that your site visitors land on before they scroll down. This is prime property! Most people only see this part of the website... and take 3 seconds to decide whether they want to hang around or not.

Here are my top tips on how to get them to stick around :)

An image that evokes emotion:

If you run a service-based business, I recommend having an impactful image above-the-fold. which is going to show your ideal client how they're going to feel after working with you.

An image is worth 1000 words. According to research, our brain processes visual information 66,000 times more quickly than text.

So choosing the right image and placing it above-the-fold is going to have a huge impact on your business - and how your ideal clients are going to feel about you and your brand.

How do you want them to feel after working with you? What results they can expect?

A Headline

Having an impactful headline builds trust and should tell site visitors what you do and who it's for.

It helps them feel like they're in the right place. Your headline should have a high emotional value. And I've got a tool below that you can use to help you come up with the perfect sentence. Just remember to say what it is you do and who it's for in that sentence, and keep it to about 90 characters or so.

A Call To Action

What is the one action you want all your site visitors to take? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter, book a discovery call or download a PDF guide?

Think about your business goal, and how your website goal can help get you there. Turn this goal into an action and create a button with a simple instruction (such as Download Now, Grab My Freebie or something like that. And you're a far away!


Now let's talk about BELOW THE FOLD. This is the second part of your website that people see once they scroll down.

These are things that will help to build that connection.


One short about me area, or about us section. So that's a photo of you as the face behind the brand, and maybe a sentence or two, or maybe a paragraph about you, with a button that links to your About Me page. Keep it really simple and straight to the point.

Social Proof

To build trust on your homepage, it's a great idea to have testimonials, reviews, case studies or even logos of businesses you're associated with or have worked with.

Website copy

People don't read websites. They skim them. Too much copy can put people off and they will just scroll past it.

The less copy you have on your site, the more chance you have of it being read.

Break long paragraphs into small bite-sized chunks and cut out any fluffy or unnecessary words.

Rather be simple and clear than clever.

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