4 reasons why you haven’t been able to get your website to convert

I see so many women making false assumptions about what it really takes to create a professional website that converts. They talk themselves out of it before they even begin and let the overwhelm hold them back from achieving their dreams.


MYTH #1: I don't have the time to figure it all out

Trying to grow a business, look professional online, create a smooth customer journey, keep on top of your admin and also be there for your family can easily make us feel overwhelmed and like we have no control of our own time.

But what if I told you it's not about having the time but rather about finding the time? We all have the same 168 hours each week to work with. 

First, you need to decide what the most important thing is to drive your business forward.

Do you waste too much time taking bookings manually and lose track of potential clients because you don't have time to organise a system? Are leads slipping through the cracks? Would automatic emails help you to build a relationship with your ideal clients or do you need to tweak your homepage so that it turns site visitors into paying customers?

Next, set aside a couple of hours each week to work on your goal. Time-block. Actually put it in your calendar and guard this time like gold; this is your non-negotiable time. No emails. No social media. No client meetings. Can you do this for an hour 3 x per week? Even if it's less than that, and you stay consistent, that's enough!

Personally I try to do this after the school run (with good coffee and scented candle - I'm a sucker for a scented candle!!). I block-out some time each morning to work on my weekly goal, and do it before anything else can come along and distract me. That way, even if the rest of my week goes to pot (kids get sick, inset days pop up out of nowhere and life happens), at least I've done the most important thing. 

And the best part is that by the end of the year you'll have completed 54 weekly goals. Imagine how much of an impact this can have on your business?

MYTH #2: Having a professional website costs a lot of money

Your website needs to look professional, yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend thousands on it. If you've built it on Wix and you want to take it to the next level (accept online bookings, create automations, create a simple online course on a members-only page) and really get it converting, it's all possible. You don't need to move platforms. Phew!

Wix has an app called Ascend that can do all these things for you, take online payments and automate things. It's about £10 per month (and less if you pay for the year upfront). And in my opinion, it's totally worth the amount of time it saves you and the amount of leads and income it can generate. And no, I'm not an affiliate - these are my genuine recommendations and what I use.

Think of it as your best employee who works for you 24/7 and handles things for you when you're off doing the more important things in life (like spending time with family, which was the whole point of starting your own business in the first place, right?!).

MYTH #3: I'm not technical so I'll mess things up

Last I checked, there isn't a genetic predisposition for being technical. You are smart enough! You don't even need to know a lick of code to work with Wix. If you can operate your smartphone, emails and social media, you are technical enough to build a website that converts.

Yes, you will need to learn some new skills (you'd have to for any new business or project), but that's part of the journey. I didn’t know what I was doing when I built my first website either! Embrace it and believe in yourself. You'll figure out what you need, when you need to. 

And if you're part of my Facebook community, you can always post your questions and get feedback in there. Wix also has brilliant support for tech-related questions.

Also, you can't mess things up. Here's why. If you go to your editor and click on Site > Site History, you can go back in time as far as you need to a previous saved version of your website. And if you change your mind again, you can go forward to the current date and most recent saved version. Easy, right?

MYTH #4: I'm not ready because I don't know what I'm doing

You may be feeling like you’re not ready yet, you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re worried about messing things up or looking like a fraud (aka imposter syndrome).

Well I’m here to tell you that this is 100% perfectly normal to feel this way! Everyone feels like this at some stage or other, even the most successful people.

Believing that you need to have your whole business figured out before you fix your website or implement changes on your website only holds you back and it means that you are not co-creating your business with your clients. It's best to start small, ask for feedback, and create your services, systems and processes based on what your clients are asking for (and not what you think they want). 

Remember: there’s no such thing as failure or the wrong decision. This is all an experiment. 

Your business will change and grow, and your website will evolve alongside it. So give yourself permission to start before you’re ready. Progress is better than perfection and tweaking things is part of the process!

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