Website Coaching


You will...

Improve your existing Wix website so it looks more professional

Learn how to attract your ideal clients

Turn site visitors into paying customers

Take your website to the next level with Wix automations

Create a smooth customer journey and streamline your processes

Receive 1:1 coaching calls customised to your specific needs

Easy to follow explainer videos with step-by-step guidance for anything you need to know

Never feel embarrassed sharing your website again!

Trying to figure out how to get your website to look professional and attract clients can be overwhelming and frustrating. Is it good enough? Why isn't it converting site visitors into paying customers? Is it your logo, colours, branding (or lack thereof), copy, packages, imagery, layout, design? There are so many variables, it's no wonder you don't know where to begin!

As a busy mother myself juggling family, building a business and attempting to keep my sanity, I totally get what it feels like to never have enough time in the day. And it’s no wonder you haven’t had the time to figure it all out when you’ve got so much else going on, so don't be so hard on yourself!

Over the last couple of years I’ve developed a simple but brilliant system to building websites for service-based businesses and I’m inviting you to be one of the first to experience the transformative results.


This is an exclusive offer, I’m offering you a limited spot and not everyone will be able to participate.

I’m going to personally lead you through the course, and teach you all my tricks so that by the end you’ll have a professional website that attracts clients.

You will:

  • Improve your existing Wix website so it looks more professional

  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients

  • Turn site visitors into loyal supporters & paying customers

  • Take your website to the next level with Wix automations

  • Create a smooth customer journey and streamline your processes

  • Receive 1:1 coaching calls and video training customised to your specific needs

And the best part? This is my beta programme which means this is the first time this has ever been offered. 


Limited space available. I'm looking for women who want to stop feeling like they don't quite measure up, and are ready for a professional website they can build their dreams around - on their own terms.


As a Beta Client, you also get a few extras:

  • SAVINGS! This is the lowest price you’ll ever see this programme

  • INFLUENCE! This is your opportunity to help influence and shape this programme

  • BRAGGING RIGHTS! You’ll always be able to claim that you were the first to take the programme

  • HIGH LEVEL OF SUPPORT FROM ME THROUGHOUT :) The success of this beta programme means everything to me so I’m planning to go above and beyond to make sure it's amazing and you get brilliant results, and 1:1 coaching will get you there.

My previous clients can attest to how much I care about each and everyone’s success & happiness, and making the experience enjoyable (yes, imagine that!)


Working with Caitlin was a breeze. It was also empowering and educational. I had a major fear of tech, having never done anything like this before. She held my hand and took charge when needed and was available for any of my questions (meltdowns) during the whole process.

Now that my website is launched I know I can just let it do it's thing. I know I get leads and I have had loads of compliments on how emotive the site is. Caitlin also helped with the wording and how to reach and connect with my ideal clients. 

I feel super proud and confident when I share the link to my site. I always receive great feedback and attract leads. Clients comment that the words and imagery reflect exactly what they were looking for, Caitlin helped me with all of this.

As a Coach I'm a firm believer in finding the right support. We are not meant to do things alone. Building a website requires knowledge, courage, skill and hard work - save yourself the blood, sweat and tears and hire her!  The investment in her services pays back in so many ways.

- Clare Marriott, Mindset & Leadership Coach

Caitlin was an absolute pleasure to work with. I spoke with at least three other designers but I knew Caitlin was the right fit for me and never looked back. She added so much value, was understanding and realistic about fitting my business in around the children and my main job and always enthusiastic.

- Anna Crichton, Children’s Author


It’s been AMAZING to work with you Caitlin. It’s like you brought my my original ideas to life, but so much better than I could have imagined. And thank you so much for working around me trying to feed a baby and do school runs and be ill etc etc etc, you’ve just been wonderful and so encouraging and supportive about the whole thing! Thank you thank you.

- Amy Borg, Seatkickers Travel Blog



What is a beta course?

Beta means that this is the first time I’ve offered this publicly. For you, it’s a great chance to access a brand new, shiny programme at a special rate, and receive some special beta bonuses including 1:1 coaching throughout! For me, it’s where I get to teach my new programme, observe how you respond and tweak until it’s perfect! Win-win!!


How much time do I need to commit?

You’ll need to commit to about 1-2 hour per week, depending on your individual needs. 


Where do I access the programme?

I've decided to change the format to fit a busy mother's lifestyle better and be a lot more hands-on. For this reason it will be a hybrid of 1:1 coaching calls, video training and email communication (or whatever works best for you). 

I’ve never tried to add advanced functionality to my website, do I need to?

Not necessarily. This is about creating a website that helps you reach your business goals. So if an online booking system makes sense for you, great. If you need a members-only page to run an online course on, that's also possible. And if you don't need any fancy bells and whistles, less is more when done right - so this is the programme for you!

LIMITED AVAILABILITY there are only 3 spots available!!

Click the link below to book a call or find out more about the programme:

Any questions? Feel free to email me now and we can chat about if this is the right fit for you.

Not quite ready to apply but want to be first to know about future Fix My Wix coaching offers?
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