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I live in London with my husband and 6 year old boy. Here are a few random facts about me:

🇿🇦  I was born in London but grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa

🇬🇧  We went on holiday to SA when I was a baby and never returned to the UK!

⭐️  I went to a Waldorf school from age 3 until 18

🚫  I had a tech-free childhood. Not hard in the 80s/90s but didn’t even have a TV

⭐️  My first job was selling wooden toys at an organic market when I was 14

📷  At 17 I built my own dark room and taught myself how to develop and print black and white film

🎓  I studied Graphic Design specialising in Multimedia Design (which back then was animation, film editing etc, not websites!)

🌍  After studying I lived, worked and travelled around Europe for 2 years

🍋  I met my husband in 2006 when he was showing off pouring tequilas from dizzy heights

💍  Five years later we got married under a 400 year old wild fig tree in a safari-style wedding

🖥   The first website I built was for my own photography business (a side-hustle to my main job)

🇬🇧  In 2016 we packed up our lives into 4 boxes and moved overseas to a city we hadn't been to before... with a baby in tow

😪  The move was really tough: I became a stay-at-home mum, felt isolated and depressed and lost my identity

💪  In 2017 we had to make another big life move to get back in alignment with what makes us happy, and moved to London to be closer to family & friends for the support

💖  I registered as self-employed before I even knew what I wanted to do, how I was going to do it, who I wanted to serve or how I was going to pay the bills

📺  I love documentaries and anything non fiction

🛍  Not a fan of chocolate or shopping

️⛄️  I love a good prank. Scary Snowman for the win! 

Hello! I'm Caitlin...

Happy Clients

A few days after launching my website I was approached by a new client who mentioned how impressed she was with my website, she commented on my tag-line being exactly what she was looking for and how my picture portrayed me as being homely and how connected she had felt with me.

These were all elements that, with Caitlin’s guidance, were purposely thought out to provoke this exact response! If that wasn’t all the proof I needed that I had made the right choice then I’m not sure what is!


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