Hello! I'm Caitlin, and live in London with my family.


I work for myself - during school hours - doing something I find fun, creative and fulfilling. And that happens to be creating websites for likeminded mums who want to build a business around their families - on their own terms.


But things haven't always been this way!

As a bit of an introvert, let me tell you this whole thing is way out of my comfort-zone. But I had gotten to a point where I couldn't figure out how to do the whole work-life-balance thing with toddler in tow. A rat-race commute wouldn't work. Getting family to do drop-offs and pick-ups wouldn't work. Finding a part time job with minimal hours wouldn't work.

Eventually there was nothing left but to actually put myself out there and do the thing I wanted to do the most. It's the happy conglomeration of all I'm passionate about; my skills and qualifications, and of course a good dose of both professional and personal experience.


And if you've given up your career to start your own business so you can have the freedom and flexibility to work around your kids - but never have enough time to figure out how to build a professional website - I can help.


You'll move from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and not good enough to feeling happy, confident and in-control. And you'll have a professional website that attracts clients and saves you time - and money - so you can build a successful business while still being present for your family... which was the whole point in the first place!


I'd love to chat.



Happy Clients

A few days after launching my website I was approached by a new client who mentioned how impressed she was with my website, she commented on my tag-line being exactly what she was looking for and how my picture portrayed me as being homely and how connected she had felt with me.

These were all elements that, with Caitlin’s guidance, were purposely thought out to provoke this exact response! If that wasn’t all the proof I needed that I had made the right choice then I’m not sure what is!


hello@caitlinpieters.com | 0784 240 2292 | London, UK
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