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Book more clients with a website that converts

For female founders & small business owners who want to build a successful business they're proud of

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Get a professional Wix website that attracts clients:

✔️ Done-for-you web design & strategy package

✔️ Brand guidance & copywriting prompts

✔️ Work 1:1 in a collaborative way making sure you're 100% happy with the outcome

✔️ Lead magnet integration so you can build your list

✔️ Save time with simple step-by-step guidance

✔️ Quick explainer videos from a Wix Expert & Certified Wix Trainer (yes, me!)

✔️ Learn how to easily update your website independently

✔️ Get your website working for you when you're not around

❌ No more stress, frustration, overwhelm or wasting time

❌ No more missed opportunities!

YES, it's all included. And YES, it is seriously good value for money.


"Working with Caitlin was a breeze. It was also empowering and educational. I had a major fear of tech, having never done anything like this before. She held my hand and took charge when needed and was available for any of my questions.

I feel super proud and confident when sharing my site, and receive great feedback as well as attracting new leads. As a Coach I'm a firm believer in finding the right support. Building a website requires knowledge, courage, skill and hard work - the investment in her services pays back in so many ways."


How it works:

We work together over a set amount of weeks, following a step-by-step framework that I guide you through.


It's a collaborative process with plenty of opportunity for tweaks and changes along the way, ensuring that you're 100% happy with the end result.


Before you start building your website, it's important to have a strong foundation. In this first phase of your website (re)build, you are going to get clear about:

  • Why you do what you do - your purpose

  • What your core values are

  • What problem you solve and who you solve it for

  • Your value proposition - what makes you different

Getting clear on these things will help you build a strong brand and successful business. Not only will you find making decisions in your business much easier, but you'll also be able to craft your messaging so that you appeal to your dream clients.



Next we focus on your brand and how you want to show up in the world. We get clear about your brand identity, and develop a unique look & feel for your website - one that's on-brand and helps you stand apart from the crowd.

  • Define your brand personality

  • Check your colour palette and font choice

  • Check your logo

  • Research relevant inspiration

  • Website styling


I guide you through the content creation process ensuring you have the right amount of content and are saying the right things on each page.

  • Define your website goals

  • Create your page structure

  • Content for each page

  • Copywriting tips and guidance


In the final phase of the project, your website gets designed and developed.

  • Create a good customer journey and user experience

  • Website designed and developed

  • Website SEO

  • Optimised for mobile

  • Explainer videos showing you how to update your site independently provided

  • Post-launch support

Leanne Parry

"Just got my first post-website launch client! After she sent me through everything she needed doing, she said, 'I've decided I'm hiring you even before you send the proposal'

I literally cannot believe that everything I was trying to put across both in person and via my website has been recognised!"



How do I know you’re the right person to work with?

Finding the right person to work with can be a bit daunting. What if they don't get you or your brand? Or what if you end up paying for a website you don't like? To get the best results, you really do need to find the right person to work with. You need someone who:

  • Gets you and your business
  • Understands how to take your message and translate that visually onto your website
  • Knows what makes your audience tick, and helps you build the Know, Like, Trust factor on your website
You need someone who not only has a good eye for design, but that also really understands why you need a website in the first place: to work for you when you're not around (by booking more clients or selling products/services). I've written a whole blog post about how to find the right person to work with. Here are some other ways to find out if we're a good fit: Then we can go from there!

Do I need to wait until I'm ready?

The truth is if you wait until you're 100% ready, you will never get started. Every day that you don't have a professional website, you're losing potential clients and leaving money on the table. Even having a simple landing page that collects leads is better is better than nothing. The only way you can become ready is by taking action, and your next steps are only revealed to you once you've made a bit of progress.
Remember, progress is better than perfection... ACTION STEP: Still feeling unsure? Grab your diary and pick a time and date in the next 3 days that you're going to watch my video HOW TO PLAN A BRILLIANT SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE. It's only 20 minutes long, and will help you make a plan of action for your next website steps.

How does payment work?

Your website package can be paid out over 3 months as such: Month 1: Deposit Month 2: Second installment Month 3: Balance

I've seen a cheaper website elsewhere, why work with you?

There are lots of different price points when it comes to building a website, but it's about what you get for your money. If you're looking for the cheapest solution, you could try places like Upwork or Fiverr. But you compromise on quality. And when your website looks cheap, you give off the wrong impression of your brand and start to attract the wrong customers (or no-one at all).
I focus on providing the full solution to your "how do I book more clients" problem that you need solving. This includes creating a strong brand identity and articulating your message clearly on your website visually and through your copy.

How do I choose the right package for my needs?

If you're unsure which package to go for, book a free call with me and we can chat about your options. There are so many variables and each case is unique: you might already have a Wix website that you built yourself and want to update, but you don't want to waste time doing it yourself. Or you might want to start from scratch. With a few different packages to choose from that have a hybrid of teaching and done-for-you design work, we will find an option that works best for you.

DiY, done-for-you or a hybrid of both!