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Language School & Courses | Case Study

I was at a point where I was becoming overwhelmed. I needed to decide whether to go big or let the business go...

When I first chatted to Chloe about her business, I was struck by what a cool concept it was: French and Spanish language classes and events that are run in cafes and bars instead of in a classroom environment!

The idea is based around bringing the community together in a fun and sociable way, whilst learning a language. Aside from the classes, Coffee Time Languages also offer events such as Crêpes et Cidre, Wine Time French, Spanish Tapas Nights, Beach Rambles and Monthly Socials.

Just as we were putting the finishing touches on to Chloe's shiny new website with automated booking system, lockdown kicked in. The website was pretty much ready, but Chloe was unsure whether her concept would work online, and whether her existing clientele would be open to the shift. But she decided this would be a fabulous opportunity to attract a wider audience looking for things to do.


Here's Chloe's story...

Tell us what you do, who it's for and what makes you different

I created Coffee Time Languages so that people can learn languages in cafés! It’s a fun and sociable way to learn a language and also gets us out into the community. For the foreseeable we’ll be meeting online.

What inspired you to start a business?

After 37 different jobs I couldn’t find one that fitted, so I created my own!

What do you stand for and believe in when it comes to the service you provide?

I’ve been working in education for 15 years and when I’m enjoying something I learn a lot more. That’s the key to our teaching strategy. I love building communities and see people becoming stronger and more confident in them.

What does your average working week look like?

I teach 6 sessions a week, prep for the lessons, liaise with teachers, do the marketing, social media and everything else that you need to do as a business owner.

What is your Big Vision: where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

I would like to offer more languages, have a super teaching team and start to offer teacher training using the CTL method.

Where were you in your life/business when you decided to invest in a professionally designed website? How were you feeling? And how will your new website help you reach your dreams and goals?

I was at a point where I was becoming overwhelmed. I needed to decide whether to go big or let the business go. Coffee Time Languages was growing and I couldn’t keep up with the bookings. I decided to call Caitlin after she came highly recommend and it’s the best thing I have done! I feel like a more professional business now and the booking system saves me days of invoicing.

Please share a bit about the process... what you found most useful and how you found the process

I really value someone who listens, I deem this a real skill in business and Caitlin listened and understood exactly what I needed. The whole process was very smooth, professional and pushed me in a really positive way to think about how to structure my business. Caitlin saw things as I explained them and created my beautiful new website.

How do you feel now that your website is launched? How do you feel when sharing your website link?

I’m so impressed. Caitlin went above and beyond and I think it’s excellent value for money. I felt supported all the way through. I’ve got the website that I imagined and asked for. People say it looks very slick and the booking process has gone very well.

Do you have any big dreams or bucket list items you still want to check off the list?

Oh yes loads! My biggest aim would be to give a TED talk about the psychology of learning.

Share a testimonial or feedback from a recent client

A fun and modern way to learn a new language. I’m term two into ‘Beginner French’ and loving it so far. Everyone is super friendly, the lessons are informal and it’s amazing what you can learn in one term. I was a bit nervous about practising a new language with a group at first, but everyone is so encouraging and at the same level. The best thing is that you’re learning practical French (not textbook phrases!), which can really benefit when putting it into practice!

Where do we find out more? What's the best way to reach you?

Head to my fabulous new website


Thinking of creating a professional website that attracts clients and grows your income? Need some help? Book a free call with me and we can chat about your needs - no obligations.


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