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Optimising Your Wix Website Header: The Z-Pattern Logo Placement Method

When it comes to creating a Wix website for your brand or business, your logo is a big deal.

It's essentially the face of your brand, and the first thing that visitors will notice when they land on your site. So, let's make sure your logo is positioned perfectly and stands out from the crowd!

In this short Wix hack, we're going to show you how optimising your Wix website header can make a bit difference to the visual hierarchy of your site.

Image of laptop open on a website page with logo in top left of screen, with a Z shape marked out to show the visual hierarchy

The first step in positioning your logo is to attach it to your website header. This ensures that your logo is visible on every page of your site, making it easy for visitors to identify your brand no matter where they are. Plus, don't forget to link your logo back to your homepage so visitors can easily navigate back to the main page.

Now that your logo is in the header, let's talk about where to position it. Our eyes naturally scroll in a "Z" shape down the page, from left to right and top to bottom. So, the best location for your logo is either at the top-left or top-centre of your header.

This ensures that it's one of the first things visitors see when they land on your site.

But, it's not just about positioning your logo in the right place. You also want it to look sleek and professional.

One way to do this is to make sure that your logo is on a transparent background. This allows your logo to sit on top of any coloured background without looking clunky or out of place. Now your logo will look great, no matter what theme or colour scheme you choose for your website.

Want to make your logo really stand out? Use high-quality graphics! That means using high-resolution images and vector graphics, which will ensure that your logo looks crisp and clear on any device. Plus, consider adding animations or other effects to make your logo more dynamic and eye-catching.

In summary, your logo is a crucial element of your website, and it's important to position it correctly and use practical tips and strategies to make it stand out. By attaching your logo to your header, positioning it in the right place, using a transparent background, and using high-quality graphics, you can ensure that your logo is front and center on your site, helping visitors identify your brand and navigate your site with ease.

Now, go forth and logo-fy your website! 🙌


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