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Children's Author | Case Study

Meet Anna Crichton, a busy mum of 2 who works in marketing and has launched a children's book series aimed at educating children about dogs.

I met Anna via Facebook when someone tagged me in a group where she had posted looking for help re-designing her website.

Here's what she said about the process:

Tell us what you do, who it‘s for and what makes you different

I am the founder of The Zara DogDog Club, a community for kids who are curious about dogs.

We have a children’s book series, monthly newsletters and fun activities to teach children and families to understand dogs with the aim of keeping kids safe and dogs happy.

Why did you decide to invest in a website?

I had built a temporary e-commerce site to sell the first book but I needed something professional and user friendly to support online sales and encourage member signups.

What happened next and how did I help?

Caitlin and I discussed objectives for the site and we debated whether the call to action should be sign ups or book sales. This was invaluable to identify the true purpose of the site. Caitlin debated the merits of both and gave her recommendations.

What was it like working with me?

Caitlin was an absolute pleasure to work with. I spoke with at least three other designers but I knew Caitlin was the right fit for me and never looked back. She added so much value, was understanding and realistic about fitting my business in around the children and my main job and always enthusiastic.

Share a bit about the process e.g: what you found most useful and how you felt during the process

Working via Trello was great. It was so organised and easy to see what was needed so I could keep on top of what Caitlin needed from me.

I liaised between my book designer and Caitlin to ensure the site was built “on brand” and that worked well.

Caitlin was also very helpful in light of the new GDPR regulations that came into play.

Towards the end, Caitlin created bespoke how to videos to support me to run the site on my own. Such a lovely “value-add” on top of what she did for me.

The “process” hasn’t stopped. Caitlin and I are still in touch and I’ll keep getting recommendations from her about how to keep improving.

How do you feel now that your website is launched?

Proud. I’m proud to give my website out or to send customers or wholesalers there. It’s professional and yet fun for families and children. Exactly what I was looking for.

What is the response you're getting from your newly launched website?

Amazing feedback. Everyone loves the site and I’ve had plenty of sign ups and sales since.


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