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How a Wix Website Update Session can improve your business

A Website Update Session is the most cost-effective and time-saving way to update and improve your business.

What is a Wix Website Update Session, and why is it important for your small business?

A Wix Website Update Session is the quickest and most affordable way of updating your website. And when your website is primed to attract clients and turn them into paying customers, your business will grow.

By having an expert who understands your vision, business model and goals, and who is able to translate that visually onto your website (plus do all the tech), you'll be able to improve your website in no time.

You may be ready for a Wix Website Update Session if:

  • You've outgrown your website or it doesn't reflect you & your brand

  • Your website is not attracting your ideal client

  • People are visiting your website but they aren't taking action (signing up to work with you, subscribing to your mailing list, booking a call etc)

  • Your website looks amateur and like a DiY job (DiY websites can still look professional!)

  • You're wasting too much time on the admin side of your business and worry about things falling through the cracks

  • You want to monetise your website but aren't sure where to start

  • You don't know how to make small tweaks and changes to your website

  • You want to add some more content to your website but are worried about messing things up

  • You need technical help with some of the website functionality

  • You want to learn how to do something for yourself on your website (training is provided in short bespoke explainer videos)

The above list of examples are some of the things that may be addressed in a Website Update Session. Of course each business is unique, and you will have your own skills and ideas to bring to the table, which is why these Wix Update Power Sessions are tailored to your unique needs. In some cases it's a good idea to book a few of sessions, depending on your individual needs and how much you need to get done.


Examples of how a Wix Website Update Session has helped a small business owner

Wellbeing Practitioner (service-based business)

Katie Jones is an ambitious wellbeing practitioner with big dreams and goals. She contacted me needing help monetising her website through online workshops and 1:1 programmes.

Katie's brand has evolved over time and she felt like she'd out-grown her website and that it no longer reflected who she is and how she wants to show up in the world.

What we covered in our sessions:

  • We strategised and built out her sales funnel

  • We added a lead magnet to her website to attract the right people to sign up to her newsletter

  • We added paid-for workshops and programmes to her website, and set up all the relevant automations

  • We updated her website design so that it looks professional and attracts her ideal client

  • We restructured her website to create a better user experience, and made her messaging more clear

Katie was delighted with her website, "You've been brilliant!! Thank you so much, my website looks amazing."

Nursery Blinds (product-based business)

Debbie Chan runs a baby nursery decor business selling bespoke blackout blinds. I designed her website for her during lockdown when she wanted to move off of a popular indie marketplace because the commission was too high, and have her own website along with her popular Etsy shop.

Her business has grown since we worked together, and she was ready to add some bells and whistles to her website to create a better customer experience.

What we covered in our sessions:

  • We added a blog to her website to help improve her SEO

  • We created a nurture sequence to follow on from her lead magnet (a 10% discount code for anyone who signs up to her newsletter). What this means is that anyone who signs up for the discount will receive an automatic email that is beautifully designed, written in her brand's tone-of-voice. This email welcomes them as subscribers and gives them the discount code and a button that says 'SHOP NOW' linked to her online shop

  • One week later they receive another email, this time with a few more interesting bits and pieces in it plus a reminder to use the discount code and a link to her most popular products

  • We also set up Debbie's newsletter on Wix so that she can use Wix for her email marketing. She loves having everything under one roof, and all communication, orders and email correspondence go through her Wix account

Sleep consultant (service provider & digital products)

Sarah Patel is a sleep consultant with a very big Instagram following. She built her own website over a few weeks, and once it was complete she asked me to 'wave my magic wand' over it. This meant booking in several Wix Website Update Sessions with me, and it was enough to get her website looking and feeling professional and aligned with her brand.

What we covered in our sessions:

  • We tweaked her logo, brand colours and chose fonts

  • Updated her online store so that it looks professional and easy to navigate

  • Changed the layout and structure of her website so her site visitors can find what they're looking for in as few clicks as possible

  • Added digital downloads, online courses and workshops to her products & services (and some are selling like hot cakes! 🙌)

  • Create sales pages for her courses & workshops

  • She has a big Instagram following, and has built great brand-awareness. Now her social media strategy has somewhere to send people and convert them into paying customers. And it's working!

  • Her website is working for her when she's not around, turning leads into paying customers

Website Update Sessions are the quickest and most cost-effective way of getting your website looking professional, and attracting more clients to your business

Sessions are tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring that the results are helping you to attract more of the right-fit clients to work with, and empowering you with the tools and tech know-how to update your website independently going forward.

Caitlin is a Wix Certified Trainer & Creative Strategist who has worked with dozens of small business owners over the last 5 years helping them with their web design and brand strategy. Get in touch for more info.


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