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A simple 1-page Wix website

Amy and I were sitting around her kitchen table, "I would love to start running baby massage classes..." she shared. "But I don't have anywhere to run them from, and I don't know how I could make it work with my current job and childcare!"

This was the start of her dream, her vision...

It was beautiful to witness the seed of possibilities being planted. I helped her water it with, "You can start small. Start with what you have."

We looked around her kitchen. There was enough space to run a small and intimate class if you pushed the table away.

But how would people feel coming into her home? Does it feel professional enough?

As soon as we started brainstorming about who her ideal client is, and what her ideal client would want, Amy realised she had to give it a go. Her ideal client would want to feel comfortable in a warm, friendly, nurturing environment. And she would probably feel 100% fine coming into Amy's home with her baby.

I also helped Amy see that one of the biggest benefits to her classes would be how she is helping to create friendships and connections between mums.

Fast-forward several months and Amy's business is growing from strength to strength. She's running multiple session per week, and has even started to collaborate with other local businesses to extend her reach.

The website brief:

Amy needed a simple website that she can manage herself. At the moment she is taking booking manually to keep costs down, so her website just needs to be a simple 1-page scrolling website.

What was very important was to include a way for people to sign up to her newsletter, so that she can build a community and nurture a relationship with her potential clients. So on her website we added a free taster session that people can sign up for, and at that point they are invited to join her mailing list.

Check out a video of her website here:


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