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Case Study: Coaching Website for Katy Reeve

Katy Reeve is a Literacy Consultant, Assistant Head Teacher and qualified Primary School Teacher who has turned her passion for getting kids reading into a coaching business where she supports parents and helps them with their struggling readers.

As a mum of a struggling reader herself, Katy sees both sides of the coin and provides parents with practical tools and tips so that they become their child's powerful reading partner.


Katy Reeve had been trying to move her consultancy business online for a few years now. Feeling lost and unsure how to make it happen, she'd already investing in website help which didn't solve her problem and was ready to give up.

She decide to sign up for my Create Your Own Brilliant Website course that involves a hybrid of do-it-yourself, training videos and coaching calls.

We achieved more in a month than Katy did in 2 whole years trying to figure it all out on her own!

Here is Katy's story.


Tell us what you do, who it's for and what makes you different

I am on a mission to support parents with struggling readers because all kids need to read - it isn't an option. Get Your Kids Reading coaches parents with personal one to one support so they can be confident and successful when supporting their children.

I've been on both sides, for although I am a Literacy Consultant, Assistant Headteacher, and I train teachers to teach reading, I also have a struggling reader of my own, and I was a struggling reader myself growing up. So I have seen the massive difference it makes when children read at home and parents know how to play their part.

What inspired you to start your business?

It is so important to me that every child has a chance at being a reader- It is what makes me tick!

Reading is the path to independence - it provides options and ideas. As parents, we're best placed to support our kids to have a strong foundation of reading so they can be whatever they want to be. Parents make the best Powerful Reading Partners for their children.

Like many people, the pandemic has been a chance to stop and think about my impact on my work. I have wanted to reach more parents for a very long time because whilst helping my child and working with teachers and parents in schools over the last 25 years, time and time again, I have seen that when reading at home is done well, it is the key - it makes a huge, massive, ginormous difference.

With more kids struggling academically and an increasing number of parents voicing their concerns about their child's emotional health and ability to keep up, I want to share what I have learned and help make a difference for these families.

What does your average week look like? What goes on behind the scenes?

I work in schools as a part-time Assistant Headteacher in a Primary school, a Literacy Consultant, and running Get Your Kids Reading and being a mum of 3. Like any parent, I juggle work around my kids, trying to keep things balanced! I love the diversity work brings, as no two days are ever the same when working with children, and I am constantly learning from them!

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to make things run more smoothly?

Find a routine that works for you and your family, and be willing to adapt and change it as your things evolve and change. For us, it is making sure everyone can be responsible and organised for themselves as much as possible. For example, the kids have time to read and unwind every weekday night, and they know to get ready for school the night before (no trying to find a clean PE top at 7.30!).

I have a timetable of the week to help with everyone's clubs and meetings mapped out, and I set reminders in a family shared calendar. Of course, we still drop a few balls now and again, but generally, it keeps us on the straight and narrow!

What is your Big Vision: where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

I see myself as a part of a growing community of parents with struggling readers who can support and help each other overcome many of the unnecessary barriers in place. How we help and teach struggling readers has to change by giving parents the knowledge and confidence they need to be part of their child's reading journey.

Parents need to have a voice, and they need to work alongside teachers so struggling readers can get what they need no matter how limited the resources are in schools. I would love to help dispel the unnecessary stigma some parents and children feel and, just like I have been lucky enough to experience, feel the positive impact reading can have on so many children's lives.

Where were you in your life/business when you decided to invest in a professionally-designed website? How were you feeling? And how will your new website help you reach your dreams and goals?

I tried to move 'Get Your Kids Reading' from a face-to-face business to an online business for a few years. I was feeling pretty lost, not with the direction I wanted to go in but how I would make it happen. I was very near to giving up when I discovered Caitlin's Wix Hacks whilst trying to get some technical support. From that interaction knew I had found someone that could help me. Designing my website with Caitlin has been a game-changer.

What was it like working with me? Please share a bit about the process... what you found most useful and how you found the process

Working with Caitlin has made more of a difference in a month than I made in 2 years. I was surprised with how crucial the first unit was, where you focused on your why. I thought I had nailed this already! I took my time with this part, and I am so glad I did as, at last, I feel I have a strong brand identity.

Caitlin's commitment and the way she has invested in my website has created an excellent platform for my business and given me the confidence and self-belief I needed to move forward. I can't say thank you enough.

How do you feel now that your website is launched? How do you feel when sharing your website link?

It might sound crazy, but I no longer hold back from posting online or writing my blog because I don't want people to go to my website and think - why am I here! As my website has changed to reflect me and structure my services, I have felt as if a weight has been lifted, and I can now confidently build a business around a website that reflects me and what I have to offer.

Do you have any big dreams or bucket list items you still want to check off the list?

From a personal perspective, travel is pretty much top of my bucket list. I have always wanted to see the world with my family, and with my 3 becoming teenagers, I feel as if time is starting to run out. I hope the world will open up again soon so we can go and explore it together.

A big dream has always been to make books the number one priority for schools. I want to find a way to fill the bookshelves with new and exciting texts, so everyone can find a book that is right for them. This is always a challenge with budgets so tight, but I will keep looking for new and innovative ways.

Share a testimonial or feedback from a recent client

Katy has been very informative and supportive when helping me find strategies and reading recommendations for my daughter who struggles with her reading. My daughter is currently reading recommendation number two and is really starting to enjoy reading, with it becoming so much less of a battle.

Gemma (with daughter aged 10)

Where do we find out more?

If you have struggling reader and want some support have a look at my new website From one to one coaching to tried and tested tips, games and resources there are so many resources and I would love to help.

Please get in contact if you want to just have a chat about your reader (you can book a free 15 minute slot on the website) or you can email me or send me a DM on instagram. I always like to talk about reading.



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