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Interior Designer London: Sue McGreggor's Wix Portfolio website

Sue McGreggor is a London-based interior designer of phenomenal talent. With a portfolio overflowing with brilliant residential and commercial projects, as well as a published book and self-paced online course, she needed a website to showcase her work and attract more clients.

We worked together to update and revamp her existing website, giving it a full makeover and ensured that her portfolio of work was beautifully displayed, as well as the improving the overall look & feel of the website so that Sue had a beautiful interior designer website she was proud of.



Project background

Sue is the founder of Interior Statements, a London-based interior design studio. She needed a professional website to attract clients and showcase her work.

She felt that her DiY website was letting her down, and with Focus/22 around the corner, she needed her website to be updated quickly so that she could hand out her business cards to potential clients at London's international design and decoration show, taking place at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour.

Sue's challenge:

Like so many small business owners, Sue started out designing her own website. But she soon felt like she'd out-grown it and wanted something more professional-looking: something that presented her portfolio and offers in a clear and elegant way.

"I tried to design my own website but it wasn't working. It wasn't explaining clearly what services I offer, and it wasn't showcasing my portfolio easily (which is critical). I knew I needed a website refresh, but didn't have the time to do it myself".

Our goals:

With a few weeks to go before the design show, Sue and I started working together to revamp her interior design website on Wix. We decided to focus on the following design and strategy tasks to ensure she had a website that she was proud of:

Update website

  • Refresh branding

  • Re-design website pages + add new ones

  • Reorganise her website so that there was a smooth customer flow

  • Add a blog, and sales pages for services & online course

  • Design a portfolio to showcase Sue's work

  • Ensure website is GDPR-compliant

  • Update website SEO

Marketing & Website Strategy

  • Marketing funnel

  • Integrate email marketing + automations

  • Lead magnet

  • Newsletter


The Process

Working 1:1 with clients is very much a collaborative process where my client's feedback and input is included at all stages of the project to ensure they are 100% happy with the results.

"I felt re-assured from the outset with Caitlin. Her communication is clear, professional and friendly. It was a co-creating process and one in which I felt confident and inspired to make decisions and follow through with the homework. Caitlin’s explainer videos were instructive and easy to follow" - Sue McGreggor

Website Update

As with many small business owners that I work with, I knew that a couple of hours of design work could put a band-aid on the problem, but if we wanted the full solution to Sue's 'I want to book more clients' challenge, we needed to re-design her website from scratch.

And part of the process was to refresh her branding, improve the customer journey and the flow of her website, update her offers, as well as create a simple sales funnel and marketing strategy.

Refresh Branding

As a fellow creative, Sue has impeccable taste and coming up with a colour palette and choice of fonts for her website was easy.

We chose an elegant, neutral colour palette that would allow the bold, colourful photography of her interior design work to stand out on her website.

Once this was done we were able to add these design elements to her Wix website, and she could also use them in Canva for other marketing material.

Image of an iPad with a design mockup on it
Style tile for Interior Statements

Redesign website pages + add new ones

Understanding Sue's two different audiences was crucial in clarifying the user experience of her website and the customer flow.

We were able to re-structure her website so that site visitors know exactly what content they can find on her website, and where to find it, ensuring that they could get to where they want to be in as few clicks as possible.

Each website page was re-designed, with the colours, fonts, imagery, layout, copy and call-to-action buttons. We also added additional pages such as a sales page for her online course, a blog and services pages for her interior design services.

Part of the re-design included creating a new area on her website where she could showcase her portfolio and interior design projects. We used a new app that Wix recently released called Wix Portfolio which was perfect for the job because it allowed us to separate her work into categories of Commercial, Residential and Online services, and then have all of Sue's interior design projects showcased within these categories.

Ensuring Sue's website was GDPR compliant and optimised for mobile as well as doing the website's SEO was all done too.

Project Gallery

Marketing & Website Strategy

The 'Strategy' part of my Web Design and Strategy Packages is probably the most crucial part. This is where we ensure your website is set up to help you reach your business goals - otherwise what's the point of having a website, right?

I usually break this up into several sections, depending on a client's individual needs.

Marketing Funnel

A Marketing Funnel is, quite simply, the journey that you take your potential customer on. It's the path they take from first finding out about you, to getting value from you and then finally purchasing from you.

During this journey, your potential client is getting to know, like and trust you. You're building a relationship with them, showing them that you're the right person to help them with their particular pain-point, problem or desire... and that you really GET them.

In Sue's case, she had an online course already set up on Teachable, and created both in-person and online interior design consultations. So we organised the hierarchy of her products and services and added in a tier of free, valuable content that she can share as blog posts and in her newsletter.

Sue's Blog

Lead Magnet

We created a lead magnet for Sue's website called "The 10 Step Guide to Creating Your Boutique Home."

When people download it, they are asked if they want to join her mailing list. They then receive an automatic email that delivers the freebie to them (all created with Automations on Wix Ascend), and if they opt-in to receive her newsletter then they will be tagged as a newsletter subscriber in her Wix CRM.


One thing Sue was clear about from the start was that she wanted to build her list, and for that to happen she needed a newsletter. So I created one for her on Wix Ascend that she can send out to her subscribers. Now when people signed up for her lead magnet, they can opt-in to receive her newsletter.


The Solution

In this video I show you how we have structured Sue's website so that there are not too many navigation menu items at the top of the page, so people can find what they are looking for in as few clicks as possible.

  • Right at the top of the page is a sliding gallery of her best work, followed by her brand statement: "Effortlessly eclectic, elegant Interior Design solutions to reflect your lifestyle"

  • There is a brief intro from Sue, mentioning her published book and a link to read more on the About page

  • Her services have been presented in a set of 3: residential, commercial as well as online services

  • We included a testimonial that speaks of Sue's brilliance, which helps to build trust

  • Another set of 3 offers lies below a picture gallery with links to Sue's online course, her published book and the free 10 step guide she offers site visitors

  • Right at the bottom of the page is a feed from her blog of the last 3 blog posts she has written

  • And finally, in the footer are all Sue's contact details so they appear on all pages


The Result

Fast forward a couple of months, and Sue now has a beautiful interior designer website built that she's proud to show off.

"I felt re-assured from the outset with Caitlin. Her communication is clear, professional and friendly. It was a co-creating process and one in which I felt confident and inspired to make decisions and follow through with the homework. Caitlin’s explainer videos were instructive and easy to follow" - Sue McGreggor

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