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Mindful Art Workshops with Wix Bookings

I was feeling every emotion possible. I was nervous but also so excited to be able to have new avenues of selling.

Neeka came to me for a website revamp because she wanted a more professional-looking website that would help her grow her business.

She wanted to run art workshops for mindfulness online, and have people book and pay through her website as well as selling her art boxes and supplies in an online shop.

Apart from a design-overhaul (while still keeping in alignment with her existing brand), she wanted a website that attracts clients and turns them into paying customers.

For her, this looked like:

✔️ An automated booking system

✔️ The ability to sell Online Courses and Workshops

✔️ An Online Shop to sell Art Boxes and supplies

✔️ A lead magnet to get people onto her mailing list

✔️ Discount Vouchers

✔️ Training on how to update her own website going forward


Neeka's story:

Tell us what you do, who it's for and what makes you different

I run art & design workshops online and in-person. It’s for anyone that wants to learn a new skill and have a hobby that can help with mindfulness. What makes my workshops unique is that I teach people how to use the paint cone technique to create art. All of my workshops are themed.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was going through really bad mental health patch, I used to go into this local cafe where I saw a poster with a workshop on and thought instantly I have to do it, I can’t be 80 years old and think why didn’t I. I don’t want any regrets in life!

What does your average week look like? What goes on behind the scenes?

My week consists of packing orders, planning new products or workshops and wearing all the small business hats. My least favourite thing to do is all the admin. The best thing I love is taking photos of the new workshop examples. I love what I do and it rarely feels like a chore.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to make things run more smoothly?

Hmm... I would say spreadsheets, Trello and writing lots of lists. I am a virgo so I am a perfectionist.

What is your Big Vision: where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

Wow, what a question! I would say I am teaching art workshops in a few different cafes around where I live and also opening up my own studio/art cafe.

Where were you in your life/business when you decided to invest in a professionally-designed website? How were you feeling? And how will your new website help you reach your dreams and goals?

I was in a pretty dark place really, I was in the middle of a divorce which shook my world. I stumbled across Caitlin's Instagram page. Read a few posts and instantly thought, "This is the lady I want to design my website!"

It was meant to be because I already had a Wix website. I was feeling every emotion possible. I was nervous but also so excited to be able to have new avenues of selling. I think my website is the perfect way to reach out to people who love art and want to learn a fun new skill.

What was it like working with me? Please share a bit about the process... what you found most useful and how you found the process

Caitlin is AMAZING! She knows her stuff and what I loved especially was that she offered ideas and basically turned my old website into a unique, stylish website which I can’t stop staring at.

Working with Caitlin was great. She is thorough and you feel like changes are made straight away. She is organised which is what i love. I liked that she used notion to plan and keep me in the loop with everything. I think it made the journey so much smoother and everything felt aligned and step by step with Caitlin.

The process was very smooth and I know if I ever need any changes then I will be coming back to Caitlin. I do not trust anyone else with it!

How do you feel now that your website is launched? How do you feel when sharing your website link?

I feel ecstatic, honestly! It feels amazing to share something polished and completely finished.

What is the response you're getting from your newly launched website?

All the response so far has been great and positive. It’s within my brand so people can relate.

Do you have any big dreams or bucket list items you still want to check off the list?

I would love to move to Barcelona and teach art workshops there and eat churros and tapas all day!

Share a testimonial or feedback from a recent client

Today myself and my daughter have done the Mother’s Day art session. It was wonderful. The package arrived nice and early and everything we needed was included. We enjoyed the having the time together and the guidance was suitable for adults and children alike. The class was lovely. Great value for money. Cannot wait for another.

Where do we find out more? What's the best way to reach you?

The best place to catch me or follow my art journey is instagram. I post daily on my stories and share lots about the business and personal life.

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