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Virtual Assistant Website | Case Study

Leanne Parry from Werk Lifestyle Management shares how creating a website that's truly aligned with who she is and how she want's to portray herself as a brand has made a big impact on her confidence and is attracting her ideal clients.

I've loved working with Leanne, she is so organised, approachable and knew exactly what she wanted. It made the collaboration really enjoyable and the results speak for themselves :)

What do you do?

I offer a fresh and modern approach to virtual assistance for both personal and business support by helping my clients achieve a better work-life balance. My passion lies in assisting businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who are finding themselves overwhelmed with admin and other tasks.

Why did you decide to invest in a website?

I had originally started trying to put my own website together with zero experience and was really struggling, everything seemed to take so long. I then attended a networking event where Caitlin was hosting a session on websites, in that one tiny session I learnt so many things that I didn’t even know were important factors to consider when building a website.

From that one session I quickly realised that my efforts were not going to cut it and I just had to have Caitlin design my website if I was to make any impact. I caught up with her after the event and asked her if she would please help me out.

What happened next and how did I help?

Working with Caitlin was nothing short of amazing! She has such an engaging nature and really understood everything which I was trying to achieve with my website. She was not afraid to challenge me when I had an idea that she knew wouldn’t work or be beneficial to the website. She was incredibly patient despite the many times I changed my mind on certain elements. 

Share a bit about the process

Caitlin set me several tasks which helped me to really determine what kind of customer I was trying to attract , how I wanted my brand to be perceived and establish exactly what my brand was.

Before starting the process I thought I knew the answers to all of this but I slowly learned that wasn’t the case! These tasks really made me think about what I was offering and allowed me to really focus on my business and I found this invaluable. Setting these tasks really made me feel confident in her abilities 

How do you feel now that your website is launched?

It has brought a whole new level of confidence to me in terms of my business. I feel so proud sharing my website as it is a complete reflection of me and everything that I am wanting to portray. My website really has set the tone for my business going forward.

A few days after launching my website I was approached by a new client who mentioned how impressed she was with my website, she commented on my tag-line being exactly what she was looking for and how my picture portrayed me as being homely and how connected she had felt with me.

These were all elements that, with Caitlin’s guidance, were purposely thought out to provoke this exact response! If that wasn’t all the proof I needed that I had made the right choice then I’m not sure what is!

Ready to create your dream website? Book a free 15 minute call with me today.


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